Security Risk, Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Our Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment uses specialized techniques to do an in-depth evaluation of an organization’s Information Technology Infrastructure to help identify potential security risks and key vulnerabilities. Through proven methodologies and tools, our cyber security experts assess organization's security exposure to provide mitigation strategies and identify remediation efforts.

We use our expertise to perform a thorough inspection of an organization’s entire IT infrastructure covering the people, process and technology looking for security weaknesses along the entire chain of an organization’s operation.

Vulnerabilities may exist across multiple systems and devices connected to an organizations network. Typical targets of an assessment include network devices, web applications, email servers, databases, and almost any device attached to the network. Our Security experts work with organizations to identify a list of potential targets based on the internal or external requirements.

The identified vulnerabilities are then fixed as per the industry best practices and the cycle is repeated on a periodic basis to recheck and reassure an organization of the sufficiency of its IT security infrastructure and policies.

Technology Maturity Assessment & Roadmap

In the ever-increasing competitive scenario of today, Organizations need to constantly evolve through right-sizing, new strategic initiatives, technology improvements and rational use of reducing IT funds. TASEC understands the challenge for organizations to maintain stability and security of their IT Infrastructure through all of these changes.

Problems like performance gaps, redundancies and inefficiencies also emerge over time. IT security organizations face the daunting task of balancing the evolving needs of business, and scaling up the technology and policies to support information security needs of the business.

The TASEC team of expert consultants can help organizations assess their IT infrastructure for adequacy and help build a future roadmap of their IT security infrastructure to ensure the limited resources are put to best use and the evolving business needs are effectively met.

Security Leadership

The TASEC cybersecurity team comprises of experts who have in-depth experience in various facets of cybersecurity. We can offer services to set-up and manage the end to end cyber security function for organizations. TASEC has the right mix of resources who can be deployed to support the cybersecurity function of an organization for all the critical roles including the leadership role of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

TASEC services are offered in flexible options – organizations can choose to partner with TASEC to help them augment, manage or set up their cyber security function for a short term or can outsource their entire cybersecurity function to be managed end to end by TASEC.