Information Security Management System (ISMS) Implementation

The present-day business environment is more complex than ever before with new uncertainties and threats getting added every single day. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to management systems. TASEC collaborates with organizations to provide solutions to manage the security concerns relating to business continuity. Acting as trusted advisors, we work with organizations to mitigate issues that can hinder work continuity, productivity, and overall security.

This is achieved by implementing the Information Security Management System (ISMS) in order to maintain, restore and guarantee the security of the Information.

With many years of experience in Information Security, our experts are able to assist and guide organizations in all areas of the Management Information System (MIS), ranging from assessing information security against the standard to helping achieve certification to the standard.

For the ISMS service a team of TASEC ISMS experts travel to the customer site to perform the required detailed assessments and advising on the steps needed to improve the current state of the information security of the organization.TASEC also manages the change to ensure increased awareness among all the stakeholders when putting into place new protocols, new controls and new procedures. This helps in early adoption and a smooth transition creating a win-win proposition for the customers.

Some of the services offered as a part of the ISMS implementation include:

  • ISO 27001 Gap Assessment Review
  • Access Control Review
  • Application Security Review
  • Firewall Policy Review
  • Incident & Breach Response Planning
  • Infrastructure Configuration Review
  • Internal Policy Review
  • Patch Management Review
  • Risk Management Review
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • ISMS Training and Awareness

Product Implementation

TASEC uses a well-defined phased approach for the implementation of products as part of any cyber security initiative for a customer. TASEC has a rich pool of resources who work with the client team in a consultative manner for the execution of the product implementation. Each phase in during the engagement has well defined deliverables and outcomes and TASEC follows a mutually agreed signoff mechanism to ensure proper closure of a phase before moving on to the next phase during the product deployment.

SIEM Implementation

TASEC offers best of breed services for SIEM (Security Information Event Management) tool implementation enabling organizations with the visibility they require to protect their networks and IT assets from a growing landscape of advanced threats as well as meet the current and emerging compliance mandates.

TASEC offers a team of knowledgeable experts to provide technology agnostic SIEM consulting to help organizations choose the best suited SIEM platform, analysis of compliance and threat management requirements as well as end-to end implementation services which includes architecture development, deployment, customization and integration with other security devices.

TASEC SIEM implementation services include:

  • Requirement Analysis and SIEM platform selection.
  • Solution Architecture Design, Configuration and Deployment.
  • Solution Training and Awareness Management
  • Post Go-Live Support Services.