Industrial customers around the world face threats from both external and internal sources, including physical sabotage, industrial espionage, crime and terror attacks, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

TASEC Limited's multi-layered security approach facilitates the management and protection of our industrial customers' critical assets, operational systems, hazardous materials, and products.

Our solutions are modular and easily adaptable to rapid changes within an industrial environment, ensuring the protection and well being of employees, operational facilities, and the surrounding community.

Gate Complex Management

Ensures that people, goods, and materials entering and exiting an industrial facility are carefully monitored, controlled, and tagged. Integrating information from various sensors and systems - such as explosive sniffers, access control, and x-ray machines - our solutions manage the flow of masses into and out of an industrial facility, as well as detect the entry and exit of hazardous materials, and hostile internal and external subjects.

Access Management

Provides a suite of software and hardware technologies that enable facility operators to monitor and control employee, vendor, visitor, and vehicle access, and restrict access to different zones in a facility based on role or function. Our Access Management offering integrates identity verification capabilities, such as facial recognition, biometrics, and LPR systems, along with cameras, x-rays, and video analysis to generate intelligence that secures our customers\\\' vital assets and confidential materials.

Industrial Control & Management

Integrates information gathered from sensors and human informants to a central Command & Control, allowing operators to monitor unplanned incidents in real-time, as well as predict, prevent, and prepare for planned malicious incidents. By integrating industrial operational systems and Access Management platforms into the Command & Control, our solution enables rapid and effective response to any undesirable occurrence - from accidents, through theft and sabotage & industrial espionage.

Professional Services

Drawing from extensive experience in risk and threat analysis, CONOPs definition, penetration and vulnerability testing, cyber security, and solution design - TASEC Limited offers a full suite of professional services to support our Industrial management offering. Our services include training courses, coaching programs, design and implementation of cyber protection suites, temporary or permanent operations services and staff that ensures the systems deployed by TASEC Limited meet customers' operational requirements on an ongoing basis.