TASEC fully understands that long term success of any project is contingent on early adoption with proper understanding of solution capabilities along with proper maintenance and monitoring of the deployed solution on a regular basis.

TASEC offers services for operations and maintenance of a deployed security solution for the duration of its useful life. The customers can chose from variety of options depending on their needs i.e. from issue based support to comprehensive annual maintenance arrangements on a turnkey basis depending on desired service levels.

Training & Change Management

TASEC helps organizations in planning and managing the change a security solution deployment brings about both in terms of human and procedural aspects. We help customers create an environment for effective transformation through organizational change management services (OCM Services) which includes training of different skills of people.

We partner with customers to design and execute the change management plan to facilitate the quick realization of their business objectives prior to Go-live of the deployed security solution. A training plan is built depending on the number and types of users and the training is imparted to acclimatize the employees which the solution to enable easy adoption and full utilization of benefits the solution offers.

Warranty & AMC Services

TASEC appreciates that optimal performance of the equipment installed is contingent upon the equipment being maintained / repaired by specialists, familiar with and trained on the system to undertake prescribed preventive / periodic maintenance and authorized trouble shooting of the security equipment.

The warranty and AMC services are offered to customers to undertake all activities that are required to keep the implemented security solution operational as per the desired service levels of the customers.  TASEC owns the risk emanating from faults and / or malfunctioning of the system / sub systems, repair and / or replacement of faulty components / equipment.

Some key activities performed by the TASEC team as part of warranty and AMC services include:

  • Regular health checks and tests of the equipment hardware and software
  • Software configuration and parameter modifications whenever required
  • Dismantling of faulty equipment for repair or replacement at site and reinstallation of the repaired/replaced equipment.