In a world increasingly driven by digital technologies and information, cyber-threat management is more than just a strategic imperative. The volume and sophistication of cyber threats (cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and malicious hacking) are increasing and pose real and potent threat to a present day organizations.

A cyber-attack can lead to unprecedented loss for an organization on multiple fronts and can cause irreversible damage to its reputation.

TASEC completely understands that in this age of ever increasing cyber threats and attack vectors, organizations face an uphill task in terms of protecting their brand identity and intellectual property.

TASEC believes organizations must have a robust Cyber Security Architecture that provides tactical and strategic capability to detect, prioritize, respond to and anticipate attacks.

The Cyber Security practice of TASEC provides a wide spectrum of services and solutions. TASEC cyber security team has the right combination of experience and expertise to support and manage all kinds of critical cyber security initiatives for a customer.


Specialised Solutions

Integrated Identity Management

Today's organizations are evolving to increase their accessibility to customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and employees across multiple channels, both physical & virtual (including mobile based access, web access/cloud). They are deploying an ever-increasing number of applications, to address business needs such as role management, compliance and audit reporting, but are incompatible or inconsistent with existing security models & audit mechanisms, resulting in increased risk of identity theft & unauthorized access.

TASEC offers comprehensive identity management solutions that are focused on provisioning, role-based access control, role management, access management, single sign-on and federated identity management

Insider Threat Analytics

The traditional approach to information security is based on a distinction between internal and external threats, the present day threat landscape clearly shows the boundaries separating them are not clearly defined within the modern infrastructures, and the threat mediums are mostly inside the organizational boundary walls. Modern information systems and networks are global, complex and open to access to multiple types of stakeholders. This makes them vulnerable to exploitation and risks. Today, all companies face risk from within their own walls from a variety of individuals and groups, including their employees and contractors, supply chain and customers, as well as malicious parties that have infiltrated the organization.

TASEC offers a state-of-the-art solution for insider threat management. TASEC offers the Enterprise Immune System from Darktrace, a radically new approach to the cyber challenge based on the assumption that organizations face a constant level of threat from within. It represents a cutting-edge technology that is capable of ‘self-learning’ within an organization on an adaptive, real-time basis – and using these learnings to detect an anomalous behavior when it starts to manifest itself. Like viral DNA, which constantly mutates and evolves to ensure its survival within the human body, cyber attackers are sophisticated and constantly change and tweak their behaviors in order to avoid detection. The Enterprise Immune System is just as clever as the viral DNA – it is continually learning and understanding what constitutes a threat.

An Enterprise Immune System therefore gives organizations the ability to get ahead of threat for the first time, and remediate emerging suspicious activity before major damage is done. It also allows threat analysts to focus on truly concerning incidents that are likely to be serious threats, rather than producing floods of undifferentiated alerts.

Web Intelligence & Analytics

The types and amount of web data in existence are quickly expanding. Manually searching for and identifying relevant information is difficult and time-consuming because it’s scattered across the web in multiple locations, formats and languages, and is constantly being updated. In addition, the most critical information to ongoing investigations is increasingly real-time in nature, requiring a very high frequency of data collection from web sources.

Our Web Intelligence & Analytics service gives corporate and government organizations a competitive advantage in their pursuit of critical insights from the web. Using an end-to-end open source web intelligence solution, we can automatically transform seemingly unrelated fragments of publicly shared data found on the web into actionable insights.